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  North Miami Beach Courier Services

South Florida Courier Systems provides large, small, and medium size North Miami Beach companies with a unique delivery service customized around their needs. Customers rely on SFCS to keep their business in touch with the local market. Realtors, mortgage brokers, dentists, medical doctors, title companies, construction companies, lawyers, and accountants depend on SFCS for their delivery needs. SFCS counts on the efforts of over 50 employees and independent contractors working together to keep South Florida connected.

½ Business Day Service

• Provides for automatic & multiple discounts as volume increases
• Same low price from Miami to West Palm Beach

Daily Stop Plan

• For interoffice mail or medium to high volume
• Prescheduled pick up service

Rush Service: 5hr, 3hr, 2hr

• Available Monday - Friday
• Guaranteed Delivery Time

Each package delivery has a pick up point and a delivery destination. As it implies the ½ business day service is so named because the pick up occurs at some point during ½ of the business day (AM – 8:00-12:00 or PM – 1:00-5:30) and the delivery occurs the other ½ of the business day.

  • A package picked up in the "AM" will be delivered in the "PM" the same day.*
  • A package picked up in the "PM" will be delivered in the "AM" of the following business day.*
* The following areas are excluded from ½ Business Day Service and will be serviced for overnight/next business day delivery:
  • North from Palm Beach County
  • South from SW 152nd St, Miami
  • Homestead, Pinecrest
  • For the same day delivery to these areas, please use our Rush service
Scheduling is quick and easy

Order Service Online

Fax information to
(561) 278-6199

Call (561) 279-2745
or (800) 371-7327
You can order by 5:30 PM for pick up in the "AM", the next business day with delivery in the "PM". You may also fax or order online as late as 7:00 AM the same day


You can call in, fax or order online by 1:00 PM for pick up in the "PM" and delivery in the "AM" the next business day.
Daily Stop Plan service is for companies sending local interoffice mail and frequent shippers.

You get the same service as our 1/2 business day delivery without having to call in your order.
Customers may choose to have SFCS add their pick up stop to
• Our AM business morning shift
• Our PM business afternoon shift
• Both AM and PM shifts
Designated driver will pick up at a predetermined time on the days you requested.
When 1/2 a business day service is not fast enough, we will pick up and deliver your package within 5 hours, 3 hours, or 2 hours (or less) from the time you call in.

Rush delivery rates are based on two factors: distance and service time.
Tell us when and where and we'll get it there. To schedule a rush delivery call:

(561) 279-2745 or 1-800-371-SFCS

Pricing for Gifts and Baskets

*aditional weight charge applies for packages of 7 lbs or more.