Company History
Established in 1984 as a delivery company in Ft Lauderdale, SFCS has grown to be a leading Provider of reliable and inexpensive delivery service in the South Florida Area. Everyday we manage the flow of goods, funds, and information in more than 98 Cities in South Florida.

More Focused On Your Needs
We are able to provide large, small, and medium size companies with a unique delivery service customized around their needs. Customers rely on SFCS to keep their business in touch with the local market. Realtors, mortgage brokers, dentists, medical doctors, title companies, construction companies, lawyers, and accountants depend on SFCS for their delivery needs.

More Services
Today's SFCS can offer a wide range of services from Rush, Daily Stop, and our most famous ½ Business day delivery. Why? So you can choose the right service and the right price to go along with the right company.

Our mission is to provide high quality, personalized courier services to our customers at competitive rates. Our industry-leading half business day turnaround is supported by the best human and technological resources. Strong relationships with our customers, employees and vendors will be the cornerstone to ensure loyalty, profitability and continuous growth.